1st Fan Meeting in Japan

Oh Ji Ho held his first fan meeting in Osaka on Nov 22nd.
Other Korean stars -- namely Kwon Sang-woo, Park Yong-ha, Shinhwa's Eric, Kim Sung-su, Kim Min-joon, Park Sol-mi and Jung Ryeo-won -- congratulated Mr. Dimple on his first fan meeting in the land of the rising sun.A representative of the Single Papa in Love actor revealed that Oh Ji-ho will be concentrating on Japan in 2009.

Attended wedding of Kwon Sang Woo/Son Tae-yeong

Zio was one of the many guests at the wedding

April's Birthday Boy!

Warmest birthday greetings from all of us in the Singapore Fan Club!

And for all fans here, Get Karl DVD is finally available in the shops (though you could have ordered it online way before this).

One more thing: 'Single Papa' hasn't exactly burned up the ratings but if you have watched the first few episodes, you'll probably agree that this may be one of his best performances (second perhaps to Fantasy Couple or Second Proposal). The plot, however, reeks of familiarity and hackneyed developments so much so that there's hardly any element of anticipation or surprise. Same goes for many recent TV dramas (Bad Love, Robbers, etc)...still, Oh Ji Ho makes it thoroughly watchable.

New Zio drama to air in Feb

Hard-bodied actor Oh Ji Ho has been cast in his next role — as a single dad, in the KBS2 drama 'Single Papa in Love'.
Oh costars with Kang Sung Yeon, who also appeared in the film The King and the Clown and the drama Let’s Get Married, in the drama about a man raising his son alone after being abandoned by his first love. By day he works as a pest exterminator, by night as a martial artist. The baby momma is played by Kang, a cold and proud woman who left her family to study abroad as a pianist.
Oh Ji Ho’s last drama 'Get Karl' may have flopped, but he fared well in 2006’s Fantasy Couple. And while there have been plenty of single-mom dramas and movies out there, the single-father angle has been explored much less frequently. Although, given how Oh’s character in Fantasy Couple was very nearly a single father (single uncle, raising three young nephews on his own), perhaps this role won’t seem so unfamiliar after all.
'Single Papa' will follow 'Bad Love' (starring Kwon Sang Woo) and airs in February.

Magazine feature

Zio was mentioned briefly in an article published in Frequent Traveller (Dec 2007),
pertaining to the economic landscape in South Korea.

New DVDs

Two shows featuring Zio have just been released on DVD here in Singapore - Thank You My Life & Fantasy Couple (Director's Cut). Be sure to buy them!

Spread a smile!

It's good to see him in such high spirits. Be brave and be happy!

He just gets better

With each new production, Oh Ji Ho seems to surpass his last performance. I thought he was brilliant in 'Fantasy Couple', and highly effective in 'Super Rookie'. Many complained about his characterisation in 'Autumn Shower' but I think the script was more of a letdown than his actual thespian skill. I managed to catch a couple of episodes of 'Get Karl', and I must admit he really shines in this role. Way to go, Zio!

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